Stammering & Shyness

As children, we may have experienced:

  • Not being listened to
  • Spoken over by others
  • Feeling afraid to speak
  • Fear of non acceptance/ridicule
  • Bullying
  • Over protection by fearful parent
  • Repeated loss of friendships through circumstances
  • Domineering relationship/s from parent or sibling

These are some of the underlying triggers that bring about stammering and shyness.

Hypno-counselling works to help restore the self-confidence, calm and inner security required by all human beings to enable them to function fully and joyfully.

It enables a combination of recognising:

  • The unwanted patterns that exist,
  • The triggers that bring them about in behaviour and
  • Finding suitable tools to release the true potential that is there
  • Guiding the individual to retrain their minds to take a positive view of life and bring about inner belief in self so that words may be spoken in a calm state