As a hypnotherapist, stopping smoking is one of the skills I have offered in my 32+ years of practice.

It’s sad to say that proportionately few people have taken advantage of it. Whenever I meet people who know little or nothing truly about hypnosis they take it for granted that the majority of my work is to help people stop smoking. No, I say, not in my case it hasn’t been.

On considering this factor, I have come to the conclusion that many smokers are frightened of failing and feeling that they can’t live their lives without cigarettes. I find that those who succeed are the ones who look at the underlying fear and emotion and fill that hole with self love and acceptance.

It is a powerful addiction on a physiological level, to be sure. However, my observation of smokers is that the emotional need to have some kind of support and comfort is more powerful a deterrent to stopping than the physical addiction.

All smokers can tell of events in their lives requiring determination and yet they succeeded to achieve their goals. Yet somehow stopping smoking eludes their will.

This seems to arise from lack of belief in self at a deep level.

If you really want to stop smoking, call me, or email.

There will be a short phone consultation with you first so that I can get a sense of the ease with which you will stop with my help.

Thank you for being courageous.