Hypnosis for stress in Pregnancy

All stress-related reactions to internal or external stimuli and events begin in the mind from our response to them.

Then, the hormones and chemicals are sent out by the brain around the body and into the blood stream to activate the fight or flight response.

A certain level of these stress hormones is positive, they get us up in the morning and give us the motivation to enjoy life. There is even an increase in fetal basel cortisol concentration immediately before full term. All good.

However, research and other evidence is showing that our super busy life-styles where we feel pressure and emotions such as guilt, shame, resentment, irritability, the need to work excessively, exercise, diet, do and be doing so much of the time is very detrimental to our long-term health and ages us unnecessarily.

Not only are we finding out the emotional and physical health risks to ourselves of excessive stress hormones but the cutting edge of research is identifying the influence stress has on the unborn foetus from the mother’s own stress levels.

In particular it is the cortisol levels that are a concern.

The emerging research is finding that elevated cortisol levels in a mother can cause pre-term birth, low birth weight and can influence development. There may be a link here to conditions such as a disposition towards ADHD, delayed learning, excessive crying in a baby and even a disposition towards Schizophrenia.

Hypnosis and hypno-psychotherapy

The techniques used to produce what is known as a hypnotic state, are essentially relaxation based as this, in itself, encourages the brain to produce oxytocin and  reduces stress hormones. Consequently this creates a  calm state of being both mentally and physically.

In this state it is much easier to access the primitive mind that handles fear, to be more receptive to ideas that can retrain patterns of thinking from fear based triggers to feelings of well-being that allow both body and mind to be in a condition of harmony, thus becoming much more resilient to dis-ease and upset.

The knock-on effect of this calm and positive state to the foetus and of course the mother, not to mention the rest of the family, is undeniable not to mention preferable.

Why then are GPs not suggesting the use of such techniques to their pregnant patients?

Because the organisation NICE is the God of health and well being and decides in their wisdom what you may and what you may not have in the NHS which suits the ‘evidence’ so far.

Then why is money not being spent on the research to enable the NHS to offer such help to people? After all, no drugs are involved, nothing dangerous or detrimental to your health, only benefit.

Why indeed?