Feeling tired and wanting to sleep are natural. Sleeping habits are easily ingrained and then reinforced through practice and expectation. Sometimes they come from ones earliest years of negative experience.
Not being able to sleep, waking and not returning to sleep in the middle of the night if one is still tired is usually a symptom of something else such as an over active critical mind/anxiety.

When a client comes for help regarding these issues, there will almost always be some underlying fear, anxiety or stress which prevents a sense of well-being and relaxation when desired. It can be a combination of emotional/physical reasons.

Individuals need differing amounts of sleep, so that is not the issue. The quality and ability to sleep when sleep is desired, is.

Hypnotherapy-counselling can help in these ways:

  • Relax the body and mind
  • Find release from the underlying blocks to relaxation.
  • Teach self-awareness and empowerment.
  • Teach simple techniques for retraining habits.
  • Bring a sense of calm and optimism to the whole of someone’s life.