Human beings form all kinds of habits.

They are associated with various elements of comfort, reward, relief, and more.

Bingeing is a comfort habit. Being overweight can come into this category.

Habits are also chemical messages in the brain urging an action or reaction. Smoking addictions are such a one. Alcohol addiction is another. These addictions come about due to emotional needs of lack however. An individual replaces the courage to face and learn from life’s challenges with the escapism of alcohol or smoking. The lack of self-love allows the damage that both do to be ignored.

Self-love is the root of successfully meeting life’s interesting problems without the need to revert to harmful habits.

Few people learn to apply this, and our physically orientated culture encourages us to look outside for medical/chemical interventions rather than emotional and spiritual ones.

There are habits that arise out of a need to feel some kind of control over one’s life when in fact insecurity is at the root of it. OCD (obsessive/compulsive disorder) is an example of such.

There are habits that arise from a need for comfort/relief as if we were still children such as nail biting, hair pulling, self-harm (attention).

Insecurity is at the base of all fears, as it is about not feeling safe.

Not feeling safe is ultimately a fear of not surviving, or dying.

However, the trigger is the mind. The mind has the ultimate control over the rest.

Hypno-counselling aims to change the root drive of any habit and help build inner security and self-reliance.