Depression, Memory, Tension, Anxiety & Worries

When the brain sends out chemicals repeatedly triggering fight or flight mode from negative and fearful thoughts that we create, this can result in feelings of anxiety, worry and depression of some kind.

These chemicals supply the body with the urge to run away from the danger.

This is an ancient fear response which may have evolved from as far back as cave existence. It was most likely the best survival tactic man had at the time.

This same response is also triggered when we simply think a negative or fearful thought, exactly the same way.

But most of us do not run it out of our systems any more. Many of us do not realise that we have the choice to change old responses to more enjoyable ones.

9393Over time, habits form in the brain’s response to our thoughts about certain scenarios, events, people etc. so that the fight or flight response becomes the bespoke one (a habit).

As more and more of the chemicals and hormones are produced to help us run away, the body, in every part, becomes overloaded with them. They find their way into the muscles, skin (some forms of psoriasis, allergies, asthma) and the rest of the body (back problems illness, immune system breakdown etc).

Each traumatic event however big or small in our lives, takes its toll if we are not aware of what is required from us to let them go. If we are taught to keep it to ourselves, to ignore our needs, to deny our feelings, to feel ashamed as children, we learn to do the same as adults, and the pressure builds.

In fight or flight mode, any aspect of the body that is not essential to survival is put aside while the focus is on leg muscles to run, an empty stomach (to run from a wild animal quicker) bowls are emptied at a fast rate (IBS) and sometimes vomiting occurs (thought to put an animal off eating you just yet).

As for the memory, it is not required for survival, so it can be put to one side also.

Depression can set in when we are no longer connected to our sense of well-being, suffer existential angst for significant periods of our lives, and feel unable or too overwhelmed to find those good feeling thoughts that change all that.

We have other resources to help: find a small way of being creative, exercise, eat well, sleep well. But these are often the very aspects we neglect when there is a lack of value in self.

Hypno-counselling can guide you to unlearn to react this way to the world around you and to yourself. Acceptance of self as good enough, worthy and lovable, will change these patterns.

No matter what is happening in the world around you, your inner world is your first port of call for inner harmony.