How Does Seeing Katherine Assist?

You could be forgiven for believing that your symptoms are the issue of your distress. They certainly have got your attention.

However, it is clear that at the root of ALL the varying reasons that drive clients to my door there sits fear of one form or another which translates into insecurity(typical fight or flight) related negative beliefs and physiological dis-ease.

Make no mistake about it, the energy of fear takes a huge toll of our physical well being whilst feeling in a state of ‘separation’ from our higher levels of consciousness.

It is now well understood that the consequences of living long term with stress hormones lead to illness and psychological distress. The resulting dis-eases come in many shapes and sizes as it were, but they have this in common. Therefore, I engage clients in opening to a reconnecting to themselves as the ‘love’ that they truly are. As we are energetic beings this realignment with the higher self alone can bring about all kinds of wonderful shifts.

When an appointment is made, there is a one to one consultation during which clients will have the time to express as they see it all aspects of what drove them to seek help. I in turn will use all my heart-centered connectedness, insight, experience and skills to assist them make the changes they have chosen to make.

The value of using hypnosis as a tool is to enhance your ability to unlearn the old paradigms you have taken on from the world(mass collective beliefs) that maintain your limited ways of expressing and being.

It is not the intellectual part of the brain that allows for emotional belief changes, that is also a critical aspect that creates polarity within ourselves.

Hypnosis is a technique used to bypasses our critical mental construct, thus helping to bring hidden patterns of emotional defenses to consciousness in order that we can release old energy and let go out moded beliefs that don’t even belong to us in the first place!

As we let go of these old ways of being, we discover our joy and appreciation and enjoyment of life is already there and always has been.

The experience of being hypnotised is so familiar to us that it is pleasant and easy to engage with. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.