About and Charges

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to bring about positive change in the attitudes, behaviour and reactions of an individual. It is a natural means by which access to the emotional/sub-conscious brain can be brought about. This is an natural ability we all have, and all hypnosis is self-hypnosis

What Can Be Helped With Hypnotherapy?

Some of the areas in which hypnotherapy is known to be most beneficial:

• Confidence, self-worth and acceptance
• Shedding outmoded self-limiting beliefs
• overcome phobias and fears and anxiety
• Alcoholism and smoking: forms of escapism
• Weight loss/changing emotional drives to eat or use any other means of avoidance of feelings
• Learning profound Relaxation and calmness
•Taming ‘EXAM’ nerves, driving tests and other pressurized situations
• CORPORATE work: Reduce stress-levels of your employees
• IBS and skin problems such as Psoriasis
• Improving Sport Performance
• DEVELOP improved sleeping habits

There is really no condition, emotional or physical that will not benefit from the relaxation techniques of hypnosis.



What Happens?

The Initial Consultation

A meeting with me, in a comfortable environment so that you feel able to share what you wish to share is the first step. I use an intuitive approach nowadays as experience has gifted me a palette of useful understanding.  Although psychology is a recognized study, the theories are not absolute and few recognized psychological theories consider the existence of the spirit. This is not connected to religious belief. Most of my clients have been through several other forms of therapy.

I practice a holistic view of the nature of human beings, an amalgam of understanding that has developed from my own journey over my life time of learning, questioning, observing and studying. I honour all aspects of you, mental, emotional, physical and etheric. You are not just your body or your mind.

This is recorded on a cdrw or can be an MP3 and sent by email and played daily until the next session. With each subsequent session, progress is assessed, and the client decides whether they feel they have achieved their desired goals, and whether more sessions are required.

Complete confidentiality is assured at all times.


I charge £45 per hour.

When I see a client in the Exeter Natural Health Center I will also charge the rental fee of £5ph on top of my fee.


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