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  I have been struggling with health issues for the past 4 years. After spending a year going back and forth through the NHS system, it became clear that they couldn’t offer me a resolve. I was dismissed as having ‘severe IBS’, and offered anti depressants. My symptoms were debilitating to the point that I was house bound. I had no quality of life. Since then I have been trying alternative therapies in an attempt to recover my health. After feeling like I had exhausted every option, and ‘tried everything’ I contacted Katherine out of sheer desperation. I have now had 5 sessions, and can honestly say that I have seen a considerable improvement in my symptoms. I am noticing that I am able to do things that I wasn’t before. My pain has subsided, and I am starting to enjoy life. The most exciting part is that I now have hope for the future. I am beyond thankful to Katherine for facilitating these changes and I look forward to continuing my journey with her towards health and happiness.

July 2015

  Katherine is inspiring, thought provoking, interesting, interested and a pleasure to talk to and be with. I would recommend Katherine to anyone who wishes to broaden their mind and learn to help themselves to live the life they want. Than-you Katherine for your love an wisdom.

January 2017

  I would totally recommend Katherine, as someone who really understands you and provides practical, real world solutions.

May 2011