How can hypnotherapy help you?

If I tell you that no matter what symptoms are presenting for you, all fears are triggered by your thoughts and feelings.

Psychology has given the emotional brain names such as the unconscious and/or the sub-conscious mind. Whatever you call it, it is the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism residing in our reptilian brain.

Fight or flight

Fear brings with it physical responses of hormones such as Cortisol, Adrenalin and Noradrenalin. A certain amount of these hormones are perfectly OK. It is when we repeatedly and inappropriately respond to events in life from this place of stress, our natural ability to maintain healthful  balance is undermined. This process begins from your perception of your reality which is partly learned during your formative years.

This repeating of fight or flight messages wears the body down, triggers illness and ages us unnecessarily. It also contributes to conditions that are ‘labeled’:- depression, addictions, anxiety, low self-esteem and forms the root of disease.

Bad Programming.gifThe keys to moving on from old patterns of response to life’s interesting problems are to become conscious of our subconscious thoughts and then feel good thoughts more often.

Hypnotherapy can help you.